what messengers eat

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Ok. So I'm not a messenger any more. But I still want to eat like one. Now I don't have to ride my bike for a living and spend all my time off trying to recover I can really enjoy cooking some proper food. But I do want to stay the same size.


it's the same but the priority is different.

Sexism is endemic in cycling. Keep calm ladies and ride on - Telegraph →

I have suffered the entire range of catcalls and stupid comments. Guys snatching tools out of my hands. Audiences whilst fixing a puncture. Having guys refuse to be overtaken nearly causing accidents (and in a friends case cutting her up so badly he hit her and caused her to end up in hospital having her face xrayed). Being followed and attempted sexual harassment. Having guys try to undertake to “teach me to ride in the gutter where I belong”.

All while riding men’s bikes and wearing not revealing clothing. Why do (some) males think this is acceptable? Look at some of the ridiculous comments after the article too.

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